Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man Fired for Cleaning Buckeyes in Burger King Sink

Timothy "Double T" Thackett of Xenia, Ohio was fired for cleaning is "personal buckeyes" in a Burger King Utility sink. A Burger King spokesman, pictured here, said that Mr. Thackett had been "separated from the company" and then proceeded to chow down on a double whopper with cheese.

Thackett, a recent [the] University of Ohio State grad had been jobless for 7 months prior to picking up a "sweet gig" as a third shift "Deep Fryer Technician" at the Xenia Burger King. "Man this job really kicked [explicative]. Double T bets them people from [explicative] scUM can land jobbz like dis one! Too bad da [explicative] man don't appreciate Double T's need to clean his [explicative] bucknuts." quoted Thackett. "But this gives D.T. time to watch his boyz in scarlet and gray whup on some [explicative] skunk rat [explicative], [explicative]." he continued while pointing his finger in the face of the News Channel 5 reporter.

When asked what he would do next, Thackett claimed he'd "sit and chill" for awhile and watch his buckeyes while chewing "Skoal" and drinking "Natty Ice". "[explicative], dude, me and my [explicative] boyz got a little food stamp scam going on so dem liberal {explicative] skunk rats can pay for our [explicative] beer [explicative]."

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