Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pick-Counter Pick: Week 8

This is a new feature of a new blog. MGOBastard thought it would be a grand idea to cross swords with the King of Picking Mediocrity, the Hemlock Philosopher.

Thursday, October 16
8:00 PM ET #9 Byutt (6-0, 2-0) -1 @TCU (6-1, 3-0)

Bastard's Pick: This a don't mess with the percentages game as the nation's longest winning streak meets Thursday night underdog in what should be a close game. Both teams are riding in with lack-luster performances against inferior foes last week and both also boast solid defenses. Expect a low scoring affair. I can't go against the trend of Thursday night home-dog triumphs. TCU 16-15. Don't be surprised if this goes into overtime, blowing up the line. Confidence 12.

Philosopher's Pick: Break out the crosses and chocolate milk, this one's a real humdinger! Ned Flanders thinks the Mormons are a bit kooky, but he loves the way their offense is rolling. I have to agree, the mustache is mesmerizing. ByUTT 28-24. Confidence 5.

Saturday, October 18

12:00 PM ET GP Western(6-1, 4-0) @Central (4-2, 3-0) -2.5
Bastard's Pick: In a battle of two of the top teams in the great state of Michigan an untested WMU team rides into Mt Pleasant on the wings of a high octane passing game. CMU counters with the Vince Young of the MAC in Dan LeFevour – who is nursing a bum ankle. While they have faced admittedly better teams than WMU, CMU has not been able to protect against the pass at all this year. Look for lots of points in another good game. WMU bombs away to a 41-38 win. Confidence 11.

Philosopher's Pick: Mmmm a teaser on the negative hook and I've got LeFevour for CMU at home. CMU has beaten WMU three of the last four times in this rivalry. I expect this trend to continue. CMU for the win and the cover. CMU 37-31. Confidence 3.

12:00 PM ET BTN
Cheese(3-3, 0-3) @Hawkeyes (4-3, 1-2) -3.5.

Bastard's Pick: What happened to the Badgers? Losing to Michigan in the fashion that they did is impressively bad, especially considering what has transpired since. Iowa has won the games they should have by narrow margins and lost to better opponents while keeping it close. Wisconsin cannot be that bad, can they? Yes. Iowa wins, but doesn’t cover on the chad. Iowa 23-20. Confidence 7.

Philosopher's Pick: Daryl Clark was the mouse that stole Wisconsin's cheese after losing two close games to start the Big 10 season. Iowa dismantled Indiana after it's own 3-game losing streak. However, UW gets the respk't from Vegas with 3 and a hook going to IC. I don't like Iowa, but I don't like that hook either. Wisconsin for the cover and win 28-20. Confidence 10

12:00 PM ET #21 W(t)F (4-1, 2-0) -1 @Manic Depressive Maryland (4-2, 1-1)

Bastard's Pick: Oh gawd, why did I choose to pick on the ACC? These two teams have been a nightmare when it comes to picks. Throwing dud when expected to cover (Navy @ Wake) and also doing the old two in the pink one in the sink routine (Cal @ MD). MD is definitely the surprise team of the ACC narrowly avoiding defeat to D-1AA Delaware and getting trounced by MTSU before righting the ship versus Cal. Wake has been more inconsistent bracketing a loss to Navy with wins of FSU and Clemson. Look for the fightin' Fridgens to keep it up in a close one Field Goal Fest! MD 19-Wake 16. Confidence 13.

Philosopher's Pick: Good fuckin' question, Bastard! I hate picking on the ACC solely because all the teams suck enough to lose to Middle Tennessee State and then turn around for two in the pink-one in the stink against Cal. Wake, the symbol of steady in in the ACC lost to Navy. Wake is a better team, so I will hang my hat on that. Wake 24-17. Confidence: 13.

12:30 PM ET #22 Fading Stars(5-1, 3-1) @ #10 Bullish on the Dawgs(5-1, 2-1) -14.5

Bastard's Pick:That's a large line for the SEC. Vandy just got croomigated like a roach at MSU, costing me some dignity and about an hour of my life in which I'll have fawdies duct-taped to my hands. The chad has me going that way again UGA wins comfortably, but doesn't cover 34-21. Confidence 3.

Philosopher's Pick: Vandy got CROOMED and the Bastard will be doing the Eduardo on the Weekly 13 fall camping trip. Georgia is a tough team to play when you are hanging on to a thread of respect that was earned beating a really bad Auburn team (come on, they lost to Arkansas). I look for UGa to hammer Vandy on D and cover the spread. UGA 33-10. Confidence: 2.

3:30 PM ET #16 Rock Chalk(5-1, 2-0) @ #4 Boom! Sooner(5-1, 1-1) -19.5

Bastard's Pick:Kansas is my lone win from last week. OU is either going to come out pissed off after losing to Texas last week, or come out flat. Either way, UT showed that OU's D isn't that great. Look for Kansas to exploit that a bit and keep it close. OU gets back in the win column, but I'm throwing a winner a bone on the line. OU 44 – KU 35. Confidence 5.

Philosopher's Pick: Kan U Cover? I agree that this game is going to have some points scored and OU is nursing some injuries on D to go along with the bruised confidence. KS for the Cover, OU for the win. OU 37-21. Confidence 4.

3:30 PM ET #12 Oheo Snake (6-1, 3-0) -3.5 @ #20 Lil Bro(6-1, 3-0)

Bastard's Pick:Little brother has shown some pluck this year with 6 wins following the always tough west coast opener. Other than the washout in southern California, the salad tossers from ohfeo have quietly gone about business in trusty tressel fashion (read UGLY). They haven't been covering many spreads (1-5 ATS), but they've been winning. Look for that trend to continue in a close one. tOSU 17 – MSU 16. Confidence 6.

Philosopher's Pick: Although osuck my poisonous nuts has not covered, many of the lines have been gaudy. The hook makes this a tough pick, except when you expect the score to be 21-17, nuts. Confidence: 12.

3:30 PM ET #23 I wanna stache(4-1, 2-0) -3 @Yvan eht nioj(4-2)

Bastard's Pick:Pitt has ground their way slowing back into the rankings after losing to BGSU. Seriously, who loses to the MAC at home. Oh, yeah. Navy has adjusted well to the post-Johnson era with a couple of mind boggling upsets (Wake, NO!) and a win at Rutgers (WTF happened there?). Pitt gets their roll on with a solid ground game. Pitt 31 – Navy 20. Confidence 2.

Philosopher's Pick:Navy is a strange team this year. Pitt seems to be coming around to their pre-season hype after getting bowled on the green. My pick confidence is low, but I'll hang with the Bastard on this one. Pitt 28-24. Confidence: 9.

4:30 PM ET Property of Toledo(2-4, 1-1) @ #3 State Penn (7-0, 3-0) -23.5

Bastard's Pick:I'm in post-Appalachian State bunker mentality that combined with the apocalypse is upon us! We're going to lose big and it is going to be UGLY. When you count sacks, Michigan will have more turnovers than yards. The D would hang in for a half until they are completely worn out, but the safeties suck so bad that PSU may have half a hundo by halftime. Look west to Washington State for a score. PSU wins by more than USC. The 12 year domination run ends. I'll burn my "We Own Penn State" Shirt in effigy. PSU 66-0. Confidence 1.

Philosopher's Pick:My view is much less apocalyptic than my colleague's, yet it is still grim. Michigan's offense will do absolutely nothing. They are disorganized and will be greatly intimidated by the night crowd at Beaver Stadium. The only way I see a score is by a field goal if the defense produces a ball within the red zone. PSU will be able to not only move the ball well, but control the clock against Michigan's scheme-challenged defense. Michigan's defensive pride is the only thing that differentiates Michigan from a Washington State orNorth Texas-like score. PSU 38, Michigan 3. Confidence 1. Lock.

8:00 PM ET #11 My Mizzuzi(5-1, 1-1) @ #1 Hook 'Em(6-0, 2-0) -6.5

Bastard's Pick: Is UT set-up for a let-down game now that they're the #1 team in the land and that they've vanquished their rival? Possibly, but Mizzou looked pedestrian against an okie state team that hadn't played anybody up to that point. Its potential let-down meets potential bust. Go with the numbers UT hasn't lost against the spread this year and they're spotted the half point, plus its at UT at night. Expect another high scoring game. Texas 48 – 38. Confidence 8.

Philosopher's Pick:. Mizzou was my ride for a while here and then they sallied forth with Tall Dark and Handsome for a roll in the hay. That ended up poorly. Will they come back or get hooked? Texas is riding high after they burned down the Conestogas. I look for Mizzou to keep it close in Austin. Texas 38-35. Confidence 6.

8:00 PM ET #13 Bleauxed Out (4-1, 2-1) -3.5 @Smelly Cocks (5-2, 2-2)

Bastard's Pick:LSU is much better than the 51-21 spankaration that they received last week. Is USCe any good? A 5-1 record and a win at Kentucky last week would indicate so. The half point over three has me leaning towards Souf Kak. LSU still bounces back. LSU 24-23. Confidence 4.

Philosopher's Pick: LSU has got to be pissed. kcUF bombed them last week with prejudice. Les Miles will rebound in this game and take his aggressions out on a mediocre Souf Kakalaka team. LSU 31-17. Confidence 7.

8:00 PM ET #17 Thanksgiving Dinner (5-1, 2-0) @ Back-up College (4-1, 1-1) -2.5

Bastard's Pick:Another ACC game with anything possible. BC is a quiet no-named bunch that has quietly assembled a 4-1 start to the season. BC has a shaky QB and a stellar D. After getting shocked by a now mediocre ECU team, VT has bounced back nicely, including a win at Nebraska, at night. They're decidedly 1 dimensional on offense, but as usual bring the noise on D and special teams. That's how you get it done on the road at night. VT 19 – BC 14. Confidence 10.

Philosopher's Pick: I totally agree with the Bastard's assessment and since I know nothing about BC and really don't care to look at another crappy ACC team I'll go with it. VT 27-20. Confidence 8.

10:00 PM ET #25 Golden Beers (4-1, 2-0) -2.5 @All Dat AZ (4-2, 2-1)

Bastard's Pick:Arizona played a sandwich game last week and was robbed by woodland creatures of their lunch up in Palo Alto. Their turnaround hit the proverbial guard rail. Cal on the other hand has had a nice retun to the top 25 after getting trounced by a suspect MD team. Look for Cal to continue their climb up the top 25 charts. Cal 33 – 28. Confidence 9.

Philosopher's Pick: This is a tough game to pick. Az got nipped by an improving Stanford on the road. Maybe looking ahead? Jevon Best is still nursing an injury and may not be able to play effectively. I look for AZ to rebound. AZ 29-24. Confidence 11.



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