Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Last Pick: Will Palin Cover the Spread?

The pundits and talking heads across the nation are weighing in on who will "win" the vice-presidential debate. I don't believe this is really in question: Biden. It's like betting on USC against an inferior Pac-10 foe: Not if but by how much... Oops, perhaps that was a bad example. Let's try Ohio State against the SEC. So, if we set a spread on this debate, perhaps it will make the picking more exciting.

Thursday 9:00 PM PBS #2 Sara Palin versus #2 Joe Biden
This has to be one of the largest spreads ever in a presidential or vice-presidential debate. Senator Biden brings greater than 25+ years of senatorial experience to the table, while Govenor Palin brings the Miss Wassila 1997 crown and some wild life hunting trips. Palin has been bringing a weak game early in this election season, with widely panned interviews on the road with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson and at home with Sean Hannity. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been go quietly about making real actual sense much like Penn State and Missouri have been winning early this college football season.

I look for Biden to win easily on all issues:
  • Palin doesn't even know a Supreme Court decision outside of Roe Vs. Wade. This is about as one-sided as Wisconsin's offense.
  • Palin thinks that a 35,000 pass over by Vladimir Putin's plane as foreign affair's experience. This is about as much experience as Bill Stewart has running a major college football program.
But Biden has to worry about perception and not run up the score. If he hammers Palin ala Da U in the late 80s people will turn against him. This is the sole reason I look for Palin , as long as she keeps the witch doctor out of it, to cover. Fox News will declare a victory, but it will be a mere cover. Biden 50, Palin 13. Cover Confidence: 14.



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