Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pick/ Counter Pick: Week 9

Thursday, October 23 7:30 PM ESPN Pirated Treasure(4-3, 2-3) @Burn Sofa Burn (4-2, 2-0) -3.5.

Philosopher: Booty and Wine Rig are two mediocre teams with spartan offenses - each ranking in the bottom third of 1A teams. The main difference is that Booty has sucked against better competition and Hillbilly Stewart is a bad coach. I look for Booty's defense to keep them in this one, enough to cover the 3.5 and win. Auburn 17-9. Confidence 5.

Bastard: My company is firing 7200 people (so Lumbergh's stock can go up 1/4 point). In an effort to not be one of them, I decided it wise not to blog from work. Blogging from home got in the way of drinking... now that I found a straw, lets get to pick/counterpick! BTW Auburn sucks, that's why I picked west va. Confidence 8.

Saturday October 25

12:00 PM ESPN #8 Y'arrrr! (7-0, 3-0) @ #23 Reesing Pieces (5-2, 2-1) -2.

Philosopher: The Jayhawks gave up 600+ yards last week and Sam Bradford passed for something like 460 yards. Uh oh! Avast, ye scoundrels, be prepared to be boarded and forced to walk ye plank. The Red Raider defense is also nothing to be cherished - giving up 25 points to aTm is like giving up 50 to a decent team. I expect points, points, points and more points from two fast scoring offenses. TT for the cover and win: 45-42. Confidence 7.

Bastard: I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with you there professor! TT is way to potent on offense not to cover. Their D is a bit shady, but they should be able to hang at least 40 on KU, giving them ample fireworks to cover. TT 42-38. Confidence 6.

12:00 PM GP C-Nasty (5-1, 1-0) @Puke-On(5-2, 1-1) PK.

Philosopher: UConn is my mediocrity kryptonite. I am something like 1-10 picking on this perplexing team. This game looks like rain (will someone from the Bearcats please drive to the endzone?). I am expecting a vastly different game from the TT-KU battle. Low scoring and punts. Cinci for the win: 16-13. Confidence 13.

Bastard: I can't believe that I'm goign with HP on this one but facts are facts. Cincy is better. They can also play in the rain with a good ground game. Beerkatz 17-7. Confidence 11.

12:00 PM GP Back-Up College (5-1, 2-1) @Norf Kakalaka(5-2, 1-2) -3.

Philosopher: The ACC is a quagmire of modesty. It seems as if UNC got caught in a speed trap last week versus an improving Crapilier team. Meanwhile BC continues to surprise with a lone loss to the Jackets' triple option. Rain is also in the forcast for this game, which may neutralize NC's speed advantage. I still like the Heels at home. NC 24-17.

Bastard: A pot of gold awaits the individual who figures out picking on the ACC... looking at the attendance for their last couple of championship games, it will be quite a long time before anyone cares enough. This is a coin toss. UNC. Confidence 13.

12:00 PM ESPN-U What the Forest!?! (4-2, 2-1) @Co-Caines (FL) (4-3, 1-2) -3.

Philosopher: Another ACC game! This is killing me. WTF happened to WF against Jeckyl and Freigen? Has the mystery of the two-star laden Deacs been solved? Miami is looking exactly as expected - with close losses to ranked teams, team speed on D and freshmen errors. I look for the Caines to close in on a bowl with a victory over WF. Miami 27-21. Confidence 12.

Bastard:See above ACC rant. But I do likes me some cocaines! This one is at home and the mistake prone Skinner! will give the young canes opportunity. Miami 31-17. Confidence 9.

3:30 PM CBS #7 Ugly Dog(6-1, 3-1) @ #13 L'Suck (5-1, 3-1) -2.

Philosopher: Is this game close enough to a night game to throw down the Bayou at Night axiom and go with the Tigers in a romp? The sun sets at 7:25 EST, so it will most likely be played mostly during the day. This is a very close match-up as the line suggests. I look for LSU's D-line to keep Moreno under wraps for the most part and Miles' offensive guts to put the Bengals over the top. LSU 21-17. Confidence 8.

Bastard: LSU has proven that it cannot play D all that well. They have a knack for winning big games at home though which makes me a bit nervous on picking UGA. The time of this game is the only reason I'm not picking LSU. UGA, Close 21-20. Confidence 12.

3:30 PM ABC-R #6 TDH (7-0, 3-0)@ #1 Hook 'Em(7-0, 3-0) -12.5.

Philosopher: The Horns has been shockingly good on offense and so-so on D. Meanwhile the Cowboys are surprising a lot of people with their ascent to #6 from obscurity. Okie State is a primarily running team, which runs into Texas' defensive strength. Texas' offensive is balanced and will pose problems for TDH. I look for the Horns to win big, again. Texas 52-30. Confidence 3.

Bastard: Texas hasn't lost against the line yet this year. UT 52-30 sounds cromulent. Confidence 2.

3:30 PM ABC-R Chokies (5-2, 2-1) @ #25 Noles Contendre (5-1, 2-1) -4.5.

Philosopher: AC fucking C. FSU looks to be too good on D at home for the Chokies (who couldn't mount a last minute drive versus BC last week). I'm going for FSU on the cover through a few opportunistic defensive plays. FSU 27-20. Confidence 10.

Bastard: Read Above. I'm like a moth to the flame on VT though and I hate FSU. This game will be like watching the fast food intermurals with Taco Bell visiting McDonalds' Taco Bell make better slop. VT 22, FSU 16. Confidence 10.

3:30 PM ABC-R Little Brother (6-2, 3-1) -4 @Big Brother (1-2, 2-5).

Philosopher: I fucking hate Michigan State, but I am going to lock them. MSU 23-18. Lock. Confidence 1.

Bastard: We continue to suck so bad that little brother will finally win. We'll score the first 17 then lose. MSU 31-17. Confidence 1.

7:45 PM ESPN #2 That time of the month(7-0, 4-0) -6.5 @Fat Fulmer (3-4, 1-3).

Philosopher: Alabama has looked lax in its last couple games versus Kentucky and Missississsss... ippi. This is a night game on the cusp of hunting season in Knoxville. Orange, orange, and more orange. Tennessee loses on a last second FG, but covers. Alabama 22-20. Confidence 4.

Bastard: Bama's too good to care that its hunting season in Tennessee. In Bama, they use elephant rifles. That little smokey dag will be a hole in the ground with a ring of fur around it. Bama 35-10. Confidence 3.

8:00 PM ABC #3 State Penn (8-0, 4-0) -2 @ #9 OSuck (7-1, 4-0).

Philosopher: The Snake pit at night. This is going to be a skoal spittin' fist fightin' brwal of a game. I look for ohio's D to contain the Nittany offense and cover this close game. OSU 23-22. Confidence 3.

Bastard: Oheo will be quite lucky to score. They may run back the first kick-off then its going to go all SEC for them with PSU acting the part of kcUF or LSUck. PSU 27-7. Confidence 5.

8:00 PM ESPN2 Family Dog (4-2) -11.5 @Second Worst team in washington (0-6, 0-4).

Philosopher: Washington sucks worse than most teams in it's own state. Notre dame is travelling across the country and this is the only reason I can foresee them not covering the spread. I will still hang my hat on the Irish further proving that Ty was a horrible hire. ND 38-20. Confidence 9.

Bastard: What he said. UW blows. Michigan would beat them. ND 47-UW 10. Confidence 4

10:15 PM #5 Ribbed (5-1, 3-1) -16 @Desert Cats (5-2, 3-1).

Philosopher: Historically, Arizona has held it's own against USC. This season, USC is looking to prove that it's the best 1-loss team and should be up next if Texas, Alabama or PSU should fall. USC has outscored its opponents 141-10 since losing to the beavers. No mercy on D and foot to the throat on O will be enough to cover the spread. USC 38-10. Confidence 6.

Bastard: Again HP has this about right. USC dominates from the opening whistle. 44-13. Confidence 6.


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