Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 1, 2009 - Thursday Game

Thursday September(!) 3, 2009. 10:30 PM ESPN
@Boise State -4.5

Warning: Do not drop acid while watching this game.

Hemlock Philosopher's Pick:

Oregon's uni's on Boise's smurf turf... It will look like Superman Ice Cream. Since there is nothing to base this game on, except for old shit, I will venture out and pick Oregon. The neon yellow and green will clash with the blue turf and confuse the Boise State defense. Oregon 38, Boise 37. What a way to kick off the season

MGoBastard's Pick:

I agree with the Hemlock Philosopher on this oneā€¦ its going to be an ugly game, from an aesthetic viewpoint. This clown puking is the most accurate internet image I could find although this time no LSD will be required. You'll saddle in with a brewski for the 10:15 kickoff and wonder who on earth spiked your beverage. On the field, its going to be a high scorin' rootin' shootin' classic that highlights the fact that nobody can defend the spread. Quack 38 - Blue Veins 37 sounds cromulent, I'll run with it as well.